We are a modern Driving school

Become a professional driver quickly and affordably, without compromising on quality.

What is Drivisa?

Drivisa is a platform and a marketplace that connects students with MTO approved driving instructors!

It provides both approved driving instructors and driving students a fluid, flexible, and monetary incentive, for them to plan, implement and fast-track their learning and teaching experience.

It’s a safe and frictionless tool for driving students to get their driver’s license hassle free, without having to go to a physical driving school, fill in papers and wait for weeks before they start their first driving lesson.

Drivisa Allows students to pick their instructor based on availability, language, practice car and preferred package; all of that while prioritizing safety and security for students.


Ready To Achieve Your Goals?

We will do everything possible to help you achieve that goal in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Our Vision

Drivisa’s envisions the process of getting a driver’s license to be as convenient as Possible.

Drivisa believes that the current traditional way of registering and training for a driving class should not be as complicated and inconvenient as it is.

Going to a physical school, filling in papers, waiting to be contacted weeks later for a driving class with no leverage for the students can be enhanced for driving Students.

Students get assigned instead of choosing a driving instructor, Drivisa gives the student the opportunity to pick their preferences when it comes to time, instructor, language and many more.

Drivisa sees its model as a method of providing students with leverage worth the financial contribution they pay, and Drivisa is willing to provide all necessary features to win the convenience and comfortability of its students.

Our Mission

To revolutionize the process of obtaining a driver’s license in a method that parallels the technological advancement our society is witnessing. since 2008, applications have provided convenient methods to facilitate people’s lives, we want to integrate the process of getting a driver’s license in this technological advancement

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What is Drivisa?

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